A headache or a migraine is one of the most common problems we encounter every day in our lives. It is one the most minor illness issues and some series of practices and little medication could actually terminate it in its early of late stages but, it also has its roots in the development of certain illnesses in the body which can be life-threatening at times. Headache, is commonly associated with symptoms indicating, malaria, worries, stress, hunger, pain and any other phenomenon that stresses the body or the brain. A migraine sometimes is featured with painful recurring headaches, which could come with nauseous feelings and even vomit. Although, these feelings are not experienced by everybody.

Research estimates that migraine attacks are likely to occur in every person twice in a month. The attack is often started by external factors, which may include pressure, hormonal changes that occur during menstruation and sometimes certain food or drinks, more like alcoholic beverages ingested could cause the formation of a migraine. Some certain people before they experience a migraine, do experience some preliminary warnings before the pain occur and this term is known as Aura. An Aura is the feelings which are first experienced by some people before they feel the formation of a migraine in their head. The feelings include delusion of flashing lights, slight temporary loss of vision, a feeling of dizziness, a feeling of numbness, and some temporary impediments in speech or movement. After these symptoms have been experienced then what follows is a pain on one side of the victims head and sometimes the pain can be two-sided.

When a headache occurs it can be moderate or severe depending on the concentration of the case and in some other people, it produces worse pains. Sometimes when the sufferers engage in activities such as movement, viewing bright lights, and engaging in physical activity of any sort, may tend to aggravate the situation. Sometimes the migraine takes as long as twelve to twenty-four hours before it may subside but, it could be made to subside quicker if a painkiller is taken.

Headache is categorized into two types and they are the intracranial and the extracranial headaches. An intracranial headache is one of one of the many forms of a headache which is experienced in some basis. This headache comes about by the enlargement of the blood arterial vessels which connects the base of the brain. A temporary increase in the blood supply supplied to the brain could result in this headache. Learn about Medicine Direct.

An intracranial headache has its root as well in the development of an illness in the body like fever, a result of overconsumption of alcoholic beverages like a hangover, or in other cases it could be as a result of an immediate attack of high blood pressure. Also, researchers have proven that even an inflammation or hemorrhage that affects the arteries and other adjoining tissues could as well cause an intracranial headache.

This headache has no time in which it occurs and it can begin at any time, sometimes even by one waking up at night or simply just waking up from sleep and the pain is not limited to any side of the brain because it can change posture at any time. This headache is widely observable by physicians, who easily detect it when they examine the patient or conduct a series of laboratory tests. The Extracranial headaches, on the other hand, is not internally induced but externally induced, just as the name suggests.

This is the most common forms of a headache we may encounter on daily basis and it is easily detectable. This headache is normally caused by an enlargement of the extracranial arteries that give supply to the surface tissues of the head or this could also be explained as a sustained contraction of the skeletal muscles in the face, neck, and scalp of the hair. Also, external effects such as fatigues, stress, neck pains, and eyestrain can cause an extracranial headache.

Now we have been acquainted with what a headache and migraine is; I would further explain on how we can use natural remedies to get rid of a headache. It must be noted that it is not all forms of a headache that requires you to see a doctor or take drugs, there are other methods by which you can eradicate a headache without taking prescriptions.

Some headaches can be easily gotten rid of by simple body procedures that I would explain in this article. We all can agree to the fact that when a person experiences a headache the person feels like doing nothing else but just focus on the prodding pain in the person’s head.

What simply happens is that as the brain vessels enlarge more information of pain is sent to the brain neurological receptors in the brain cortex. Thus the messages that continue to be circulated around the brain continues the pain felt.